Chapter 17

Three-dimensional Ultrasound for Assessing the Position of Intrauterine and Intratubal Devices

Mariane Nunes de Nadai and Wellington de Paula Martins


Innovations in contraceptive methods have emerged in large numbers in recent decades. Intrauterine devices are a commonly used form of contraception worldwide. Another contraceptive method recently developed is Essure, which is a permanent sterilization intratubal device that can be introduced by hysteroscopy. When it comes to intrauterine devices, the ultrasound is the gold standard method to identify problems related to their position; additionally ultrasound can be reliably used to assess the position of intratubal devices, although the gold standard is still the hysterosalpingography. In this chapter we will report the main applications described for ultrasound when evaluating these devices and summarize the evidences comparing the diagnostic accuracy of two-dimensional and three-dimensional ultrasound.

Total Pages: 259-267 (9)

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