Chapter 4

The Four Connectivity Matrices, Their Indices, Polynomials and Spectra

Bono Lučić, Ivan Sović and Nenad Trinajstić


The four connectivity matrices are presented: the vertex-product-connectivity matrix, the edge-product-connectivity matrix, the vertex-sum-connectivity matrix and the edge-sum-connectivity matrix. The half-sum of their matrix elements are the corresponding connectivity indices: the vertex-product-connectivity index, the edgeproduct- connectivity index, vertex-sum-connectivity index and the edge-sumconnectivity index. The suitability of these four forms of connectivity indices in developing structure-property relationships is illustrated on four sets of alkanes for 14 experimental physico-chemical properties. Their polynomials and spectra are also given. The method used for constructing polynomials of the connectivity matrices considered is the Le Verrier-Fadeev-Frame method, that has been modified by Balasubramanian and Živković.

Total Pages: 76-91 (16)

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.Frontiers in Computational Chemistry.
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.Advances in Mathematical Chemistry and Applications.