Chapter 7

On the Use of Gold Macro-Rods and Ultrasound as a Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment: Experimental Results on Ehrlich Tumor in Mus musculus Mice

Carlos Austerlitz, Andre L. Barros, Ioannis Gkigkitzis, Diana Campos, Teresinha G. Silva, Silene C. Nascimento and Ioannis Haranas


The Ehrlich tumor, derived from a mouse adenocarcinoma, has been used to investigate the bio-heat transfer and the effect of a gold macro-rod inserted into an Ehrlich tumor in white <i>Mus musculus</i> mice when irradiated with ultrasound. The <i>in vitro</i> measurements show that gold rods, when irradiated with ultrasound, not only confirm the bio heat transfer to tissue, as predicted by analytical calculations and <i>in vitro</i> measurements, but also prove to be a potential alternative to kill cancer cells. Several methods and apparatuses for cancer treatment with hyperthermia have been invented and are currently available. Out of the more than two hundred recent patents in the fields of hyperthermia and ultrasound, we mention some of them (at the introduction) that may relate to our proposed current cancer treatment methodology in future studies.

Total Pages: 455-475 (21)

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