Chapter 1

Dendrimers for Drug Delivery of Anticancer Drugs

Ugir Hossain Sk and Chie Kojima


Cancer cells have the potential to proliferate at an abnormal rate and spread to the whole body. To combat cancer, many therapeutic strategies using small drug molecules have been explored, but their therapeutic effects are generally low and they often have harmful side effects. Therefore, to achieve maximum drug activity with minimal side effects, many attempts have been made to delivery anticancer drugs using macromolecular formulations. Recently, dendrimers have been used as drug delivery vehicles for anticancer drugs. A dendrimer is a synthetic macromolecule with a unique structure. Dendrimers have inner space and multiple terminal groups for drug encapsulation and drug conjugation. In addition, imaging probes and targeting ligands can be attached to the dendrimer to prepare a multifunctional nanocarrier. Thus, dendrimers are potent platforms for cancer therapy. In this article, we focused on the application of dendrimers for delivery of anticancer therapeutics. Also, we have discussed the mode of attachment between drug and dendrimer and their anti-cancer activity in vivo and in vitro on the basis of recent research.

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