Chapter 5

Requisite Holism of Behavior When Facing Complexity of Pandemic Diseases – New Trends in Healthcare Information System (HIS)

Teodora Ivanuša, Matjaž Mulej, Iztok Podbregar and Bojan Rosi


The essence of neoliberalism is one-sidedness that might be resolved by market, if the latter worked. A pandemic is a case of consequences of this over-simplified supposition. It is a difficult event for many; hence it requires social responsibility on the individual, organizational, and societal levels. It is also sufficiently complex and nonroutine occurrence that it allows for no successful consideration with one-sided and routine-based approaches, which may have been successful sometimes. It is useful to gather all available experience from previous cases, and use them to make indicative, but only indicative reminders, and to complement them with insights on the new individual, group-specific and perhaps also general parts of the considered pandemic characteristics. <p></p> Thus gradually useful-enough reminders would arise that are both sufficiently reliable (in the general part) and sufficiently flexible (in the group-specific and even more so in the individual part) of attributes. How useful will such reminders be, depends on the situation and even more on subjective basic premises of the authors, and users of reminders as check-lists for users’ actions. Whoever does not conform to them at all can exaggerate to the detriment of people, similarly as those who would obey reminders rigidly without any proper creativity or even innovation. The overview of emergency measures, we have summarized, can serve as a reminder for a requisitely holistic action at eventual pandemic, for nothing unpleasant to surprise us.

Total Pages: 105-161 (57)

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