Chapter 5

Leading Collaborative Innovation: Developing Innovative Solutions to Wicked Gang Problems

Andreas Hagedorn Krogh and Jacob Torfing


Collaborative innovation presents itself as a promising method for crafting innovative solutions to wicked problems. While the barriers and drivers of collaborative innovation have been studied extensively in the expanding collaborative innovation literature, there is still a need for more empirical studies of the role of public leadership in overcoming the barriers and strengthening the drivers of collaborative innovation. In order to contribute to this endeavour, this chapter conducts a cross-case analysis of 14 cases of collaborative innovation aimed at curbing gang violence in the city of Copenhagen. The chapter provides empirically informed answers to the questions of when and where leadership is particularly needed, what public leaders should be aware of when leading collaborative innovation processes and how they should go about developing innovative solutions to wicked problems such as the current Danish gang problem.

Total Pages: 91-110 (20)

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