Chapter 13

Living Networks of Networks: The Societal and Environmental Responsibility of Humanity in the Fight between Humans and the Wild

Pierre Bricage


Social Responsibility advising human societies and organizations to behave in interdependence by holistic approach includes relations between humans and nature. To survive one must first eat and not be eaten, but sooner or later every living being is eaten. With that single law, through a systemic and cybernetic approach, one can explain the origins of the current crises of survival on Earth that result from the humankinds growing violence against the Wild. </p><p> Humans are enemies of the non-domestic and non-useful species of the Wild. Education must focus on developing the humans capacity to be a keystone species for a naturally sustainable and nature sustaining economic, social, and ecological development: like every predator, humans are an endangered species!

Total Pages: 257-277 (21)

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