Chapter 8

Justice, Justness: How to Act Right: Pivot of the Ethics of Interdependence

Helmut K. Loeckenhoff


The Greek term ‘ethos’ implies behaviour in general. When complemented by the values behind any behaviour, the formal term gains the significance of a system of rules or even commands to be obeyed. Ethics become a Decalogue prescribing how to behave properly; that is following the actual ethics embodied in behaviour learned, in customs or codified in laws. From the beginning philosophy enquired, which central values ought to be distinguished. A precondition for an answer, the ‘Unde, Ubi, Quo’ had to be elucidated: the origins of man, his position in the world and his destiny. On that base only it can be explored ‘how wo-men ought to act rightly’. Justice to be done, and justness to be exhibited in behaviour, appears one of the, if not the focal, value founding of ethical systems. Any culture, any sector of individual or societal life centres around justice, justness and the concepts connected.

Total Pages: 151-162 (12)

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