Chapter 6

Facilitating Adherence to the Child’s Medical Regimen

Laura Nabors


This chapter addresses adherence, which is loosely defined as following the medical regimen, for a child with a chronic illness. Children with chronic illnesses often have complex regimens. They and their parents can benefit from support for taking their medications as well as for following dietary and exercise recommendations. Use of rewards and reminder notes and calendars can be helpful tools for improving recall of the multiple steps of a medical regimen. Adolescence may be a special risk period for poor adherence and careful monitoring of adherence at this stage, and referral when needed, can be supportive for families and the adolescent him- or herself. Education and improving the health knowledge of the child and his or her parents and encouraging a team approach may be other factors that strengthen adherence to complex medication schedules and medical regimens.

Total Pages: 90-108 (19)

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