Chapter 13

9.4: High-Output Zeolite Synthesis – Reproducibility, Scalability, Raw Material Mapping

Wang Yongrui, Chen Junwen, Jia Xiaomei, Sun Min and Mu Xuhong


Chemspeed’s AUTOPLANT ZEO Robotic Platform together with the Workflow Management Software provides faster and better zeolite synthesis. Reproducibilities over 20 fully automated 100mL reactors per run are within ±5%. The physico-chemical properties of zeolites produced proved to be scalable to 2-Liter stainless-steel autoclave. Varying a suite of raw materials with different physicochemical properties, the ratios of n(SDA)/n(SiO2) and the ratios of n(H2O)/n(SiO2), the productivity could be increased by a factor of 10. Zeolites were reproducibly synthesized in high solid-content (viscous) regimes.

Total Pages: 352-356 (5)

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