Chapter 11

9.2: A Novel Integrated High-Throughput Approach for Catalytic Reactions Development: The REALCAT Concept

Franck Dumeignil, Lionel Montagne, Rénato Froidevaux, Svetlana Heyte and Sébastien Paul


REALCAT, ‘Advanced High-Throughput Technologies Platform for Biorefineries Catalysts Design’, is a novel high-throughput platform primarily dedicated to the development of all the forms of catalytic reactions (chemical catalysis, namely heterogeneous and homogeneous, as well as biotechnologies) and their novel innovative combinations (hybrid catalysis). It includes the preparation, the characterization of (i) compounds with biological activity and (ii) solids & molecular compounds, as well as subsequent advanced catalytic performance tests. It thus includes top level highthroughput screening equipment, composed of tools for rapid characterization, a series of parallel reactors, and fast/ultra-fast analytical devices. This project received € 8.7 million funding from the French Government, managed by the National Research Agency (ANR) within the Future Investments program (PIA) under the contract ANR-11- EQPX-0037 attributed at the end of 2011. This innovative platform will be fully operational in early 2014. The platform is highly versatile, and, in addition to catalysts for biorefineries, it can handle projects for many different kinds of homogeneous, heterogeneous and biotechnological catalytic applications in gas, liquid or gas-liquid phases, involving a large variety of reactions (synthesis, functionalization, polymerization, etc…) for a wide spectrum of applications (solvents, monomers, polymers, fine chemicals for industrial, food, feed, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc.). It can even run projects dedicated to the synthesis of materials, namely organic, inorganic or hybrid solids (e.g., metal organic frameworks, MOFs) for non-catalytic applications.

Total Pages: 327-340 (14)

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