Chapter 3

Natural Products as Anti-Infective Agents

Sidharth Chopra, Ellen D. Beaulieu and Jeremiah P. Malerich


Natural products have historically been a rich source of the active ingredients of drugs, especially as anti-infective agents. Natural products provide valuable scaffolds for lead optimization since they are potent, soluble, bioavailable, targeted therapies for many indications. In the wake of a de-emphasis of natural product research in the private sector, the current pipeline for anti-infectives is dwindling. New technologies in natural product isolation, synthesis, and screening in the post genomic era have provided valuable new leads for drug discovery. This chapter describes anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic therapeutics approved by the FDA since 2005 as well as compounds in clinical development that are natural products or are bioinspired. The chapter also describes new technologies that can accelerate the future discovery of natural anti-infectives.

Total Pages: 159-223 (65)

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