Chapter 8

Mapping Myocardial Fiber Structure Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Osama Abdullah, Arnold David Gomez, Christopher L. Welsh and Edward Hsu


Understanding of the structural-functional relationships of the heart, in both normal and diseased states, is not complete without incorporating precise knowledge of the underlying tissue microstructure, in terms of myocyte organization and orientation. By probing the effects on the diffusion of water molecules exerted by their microscopic environment, magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging (MR-DTI, or DTI for short) has emerged as a promising alternative to conventional histology for mapping fiber organization in ordered tissues such as the myocardium. In this chapter, the basic principles and recent advances in mapping myocardial structure using DTI are reviewed. Instances when DTI has advanced the understanding of the functionalstructural relationship in the heart are also highlighted.

Total Pages: 199-223 (25)

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