Chapter 6

Amorphous Layer Thickness

Kunihiro Suzuki


A parameter of thorough dose, Φ<sub>a/c</sub> is introduced to express continuous amorphous layer thickness. Φ<sub>a/c</sub> is defined by the dose of ions that pass through the amorphous/crystal interface, and the thickness of amorphous layer d<sub>a</sub> is expressed by Φ<sub>a/c</sub> combined with parameters for ion implantation profiles. Φ<sub>a/c</sub> is independent of ion implantation conditions but depends on impurities. Φ<sub>a/c</sub> for Ge, Si, As, P, B, In, and Sb were evaluated. Consequently, we can predict d<sub>a</sub> over wide ion implantation conditions.

Total Pages: 78-120 (43)

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