Chapter 3

The Hallmarks of Physiologic Antibody Immunity in Cardiac Diseases and its Impact to Personalized Medicine

Olga M. Moiseeva, D.A. Grigoŕeva and Sergey V. Skurydin


Immune system plays a great physiological role in maintaining of heart tissue homeostasis. This concerns numerous proteins, expressed in myocardium in norm (heart proteomics) and, of course, their “fingerprints” in mirror of immunculus (heart immunomics of main immunogenic region B-epitopes). In this chapter we tried to reveal the problem of cardiac specific proteins, their impact in heart physiology and local autoimmunity, the mechanisms of their formation and approaches for highly specific immunotherapy, based on their profiles in dynamics of pharmacological treatment. Here we discuss implications of antibody therapy and antibody elimination, peptide therapy and immunomodulation under guidance of physiological immunity, partially based on recently received data.

Total Pages: 46-71 (26)

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