Chapter 8

The Brain and Mind Tissue, TISS: Node, Group, Flock, Pool

Branko Souček


Background and Purpose: This work explains the brain-mind tissue, TISS. TISS is the Time-Information-Space Set that operates as a Self-Organized loop. TISS leads into the new brain research and clinical practice, as well as into the new brain networks and brain computers. </p><p> Materials and Methods: The brain-mind tissue, TISS, has been observed in experimental data that come from insects, birds, brainstem auditory potentials and Evoked Potential records triggered by verbal stimuli. All these experiments could be explained with the similar kinds of TISS units. </p><p> Results: The brain-mind tissue, TISS, is a multilayer, massively parallel structure composed of nested neural networks, nodes, groups, flocks and pools. Frontal TISS and Posterior TISS cooperate in linguistic and in other information processing tasks, in thinking and in thought wandering. </p><p> Conclusions: TISS cancels the border between the brain and the mind: masses of the instant processes and brain-mind tissues. The matter-based TISS generates the never ending massively parallel chaos. The chaos constantly modifies TISS. This is the never repeating brain mind loop. TISS is directly related to the Self Organization of Understanding, Consciousness, Emotions and Knowledge.

Total Pages: 147-164 (18)

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