Chapter 20

Nanoparticulate Systems in Orthopedic Surgery and Bone Disease Treatment

Paul Botez


This chapter discusses recent studies that have been conducted to determine the implementation of nanomaterials as bone implants. In addition, this chapter comprises the applications of nanomaterials such as nanoparticles, nanofibers, nanotubes, nanocoatings and nanocomposites in bone and tissue repair. The results of recetly obtained clinical trials regarding the applications of new nanomaterials are also described in this chapter.

Currently, much of the work of nanotechnology in orthopedic surgery takes place in the laboratory setting or in early in vivo testing. Significant basic interdisciplinary research is needed to realize its full clinical potential. In addition, the biological, manufacturing, economic, and regulatory issues with respect to nanotechnology need to be addressed moving forward. Critical to the successful implementation of nanotechnology in orthopedics will be a multidisciplinary effort between industry and medicine.

Total Pages: 734-782 (49)

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