Chapter 3

Biomedical Evaluation and Toxicity of Polymeric Nanomedicines

Constantin V. Uglea


On 17 January 2007, the European Group of Ethics (EGE) issued a draft report that recognized the potential of nanomedicine in terms of developing new diagnostics and therapies ( _group_ethics/activities /ethics_en.htm). The group proposes that measures be established to verify the safety of nanomedical products and devices, and calls on the relevant authorities to carry out a proper assessment of the risks and safety of nanomedicine. This chapter deals with toxicological aspects of various nanoparticles such as polymer-drug conjugates, carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, dendrimers and other various nanostructures. The nanoparticle-biological organism interactions and immunological risk of the nanoparticles are also examined in this chapter.

Total Pages: 119-143 (25)

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