Chapter 5


Charles A. Elmaraghy


Pediatric sinusitis and adenoiditis are common conditions that are difficult to distinguish. Disruption of normal sinus physiology can lead to sinusitis and conditions such as asthma, GERD, cystic fibrosis, and ciliary dysmotility may contribute to the condition of chronic sinusitis. Diagnosis of adenoiditis and sinusitis may be difficult and necessitate more work-up than physical exam. The firstline treatment of both conditions requires antibiotics but may require adjuvant treatment such as nasal steroids nasal saline and targeted therapy towards any contributing conditions such as allergies or GERD. Evaluation involves physical exam, nasal endoscopy, and in patients recalcitrant to treatment, CT scans. Failure of medical therapy may necessitate surgical intervention.

Total Pages: 84-94 (11)

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