Chapter 17

Lung Cancer Surgery Part G: Superior Sulcus Tumours

Mustafa Yüksel and Hasan Volkan Kara


Superior sulcus tumours were first described by “a radiologist” Henry Pancoast. These rare tumours have typical presentation as causing “Pancoast-Tobias” syndrome. The management and outcome of superior sulcus tumours remained nearly unchanged in the last 40 years. Patients with, extrathoracic metastases, proven N2 disease, invasion of the superior and middle trunk of the brachial plexus, spinal canal, esophagus and trachea are not suitable for resection. All the diagnosed patients who do not have absolute contraindications for surgery should be evaluated for combined therapy including surgical excision. </p><p> In this chapter, we discussed the superior sulcus tumours with diagnosis, treatment and results with the current literature.

Total Pages: 300-310 (11)

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