Chapter 2

Experience Fitting Partial Hand Prostheses with Externally Powered Fingers

J.E. Uellendahl and E.N. Uellendahl


Prosthetic management of partial hand amputation poses many challenges to prosthetists and other treating professionals. Partial hand amputations have been challenging to fit with externally powered devices due to the limited space available for prosthetic mechanisms. It has long been the goal of prosthesis designers to mimic as many of the six commonly referenced grasp patterns as possible. With the commercial introduction of individually powered fingers exciting possibilities for fitting externally powered finger prostheses that can replicate various hand postures is now feasible. Powered fingers have allowed individuals with partial hand absence to regain some of the dynamic and conformable grasp functions they lost. This chapter will present a general overview of prosthetic options available for partial hand prostheses with specific focus on externally powered fingers.

Total Pages: 15-27 (13)

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