Chapter 3

The Matter of Facts

Diego Elustondo


“The Matter of Facts” focuses on the substance that makes up the universe. It explains that, according to the laws of physics, the natural world is entirely made of a substance that can be referred as mass and energy. In the same way, if the supernatural is real, then it also has to be made of something real. The story first looks for this substance in the ancient theory of the four elements and then moves quickly through history, explaining how the concepts of mass and energy were first created in the theory of classic physics and then unified in the special theory of relativity. The theory shows that the universe is either eternal or it was created by something else, and the best explanation of its origin is the theory of the Big Bang. If this theory is correct, then the almost infinite variety of elements that people perceive, including human life and intelligence, comprise only 5% of the mass and energy available in the universe. The rest is invisible to the senses of perception.

Total Pages: 37-52 (16)

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