Chapter 3

Rab6 GTPase

Bruno Goud and Anna Akhmanova


Rab6 belongs to the most conserved Rab GTPases. It localizes to the Golgi apparatus and cytoplasmic vesicles and interacts with numerous effectors, including golgins and vesicle tethering complexes, adaptor proteins, as well as microtubule-based and actin-based motors. Rab6 regulates trafficking from endosomes to the Golgi apparatus, from the Golgi to ER and to the plasma membrane, as well as intra-Golgi transport and Golgi homeostasis. Recent studies demonstrate that Rab6 can coordinate all the sequential events underlying transport between two compartments, including budding/fission, transport and docking/tethering of membrane carriers.

Total Pages: 34-46 (13)

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