Chapter 17


Andrea Lentini and Marcello Verdinelli


<p>The economic importance of the Formicidae (ants) in agriculture is mainly due to their interactions with honeydew-producing Hemipterans, which reduce the abundance of beneficial arthropods in the canopies, thus hindering the biological control of pests. Argentine ant [Linepithema humile (Mayr, 1868)] and native ants (of the genera Camponotus, Formica, Lasius, Pheidole, Plagiolepis, Tapinoma, Tetramorium) are the most common ant species that aggressively protect and attend Hemipterans in the Mediterranean Region. Although many ants occur in citrus groves, very few species directly damage the plants. A brief review of the important species and guidelines for their management in citrus groves are presented.</p>

Total Pages: 231-241 (11)

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