Chapter 17

Consumer-Driven Website Optimization

Alex Gofman, Howard R. Moskowitz and Tõnis Mets


This chapter explores one of the most advanced forms of landing page optimization: multivariate landing page optimization. The approach tests systematically varied prototypes of Web pages, working with consumers to identify the “rules” by which the Web pages drive specific responses. The approach, a subset of rule developing experimentation (RDE) generates indices of performance, which can translate into generalizations about consumer responses and thus “rules” about what might be done, either on an aggregated basis, on a segmented basis, or even on an individual basis. The last capability paves the road for individually optimized pages and one-on-one marketing in the near future. The approach described employs a new variation of multivariate landing page optimization based on RDE. The approach could help the marketers create better Websites that consumers like and which will help marketers to differentiate their respective Websites from their competitors.

Total Pages: 310-326 (17)

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