Chapter 2

Absorption Maximization

Vladimir V. Arabadzhi


The effect of resonant absorption of long waves by the oscillator of little sizes is investigated analytically and numerically. This effect means that absorption cross-section of the oscillator (monopole, dipole...) is defined by wavelength absorbed only, and does not depend on wave geometrical dimensions (much smaller, than the wavelength absorbed) of the oscillator. The expression of optimum amplitudes of excitation of the group of degrees of freedom (or oscillators) in the boundary problem of general type is obtained in the form of generalized velocities and generalized forces. Using linear microstructures (formed by monopoles, which are located on the axis periodically) we investigated the possibility to achieve maximum absorption cross-section of the acoustic waves by these microstructures of small wave dimensions. We consider the examples of linear microstructures, which provide unlimited logarithmic, linear and square growing of the total absorption cross-section, with growing of the quantity of elements (monopoles) in the linear microstructure with wave dimensions remaining small. The examples of cooperative and the individual strategies of absorbing oscillators are also compared.

Total Pages: 18-45 (28)

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