Chapter 2

Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Colpo- and Cervicosacropexy with the Da Vinci® Surgical System

Catherine A. Matthews


<p>Abdominal sacrocolpopexy has been considered the gold-standard surgical procedure for repair of apical vaginal support defects. While it is feasible to perform this operation using conventional laparoscopic techniques, a limited number of surgeons have mastered the advanced minimally-invasive skills that are required. Introduction of the da Vinci® robotic system with instruments that have improved dexterity and precision and a camera system with three-dimensional imaging presents an opportunity for more surgeons treating women with pelvic organ prolapse to perform the procedure laparoscopically. This chapter will outline a technique that is exactly modeled after the open procedure for completion of a robotic-assisted colpo- and cervicosacropexy using the da Vinci® surgical system.</p>

Total Pages: 10-17 (8)

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