Chapter 15

Natural Zeolites in Medicine

Marinos A. Stylianou


In this chapter, the use of natural zeolites (clinoptilolite) in medical applications is reviewed. Zeolites have been investigated as feed additives in animal nutrition for the prevention of certain diseases and the improvement of animals’health status. The dietary use of zeolites has been shown to sequester mycotoxins and reduce their absorption from the gastrointenstinal tract. The beneficial effect of zeolites on aflatoxicosis is also reported. Research data reported in the published literature provide evidence that they can be used for the prevention of milk fever and ketosis in dairy cows. Their effect on gastro-intestinal infections is reported and more specifically their use as an anti-diarrheic drug and also for their antacid activity. Furthermore, several studies report their use as carriers and releasers of active ingredients, and this can be used in anti-acne therapy. They are also used as adjuvant in anticancer therapy. When applied externally in powder form, zeolite has also been found to quicken the healing of wounds. Finally, it is reported that they can be used as antibacterial material. It also should be noticed that several studies report their non toxicity and safety of their use in animal nutrition.

Total Pages: 317-334 (18)

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