Chapter 4

Psychosocial Aspects of Massive Weight Loss after Bariatric Surgery

Ronis Magdaleno


The objective of the present chapter is to understand the gamut meanings for patients when undergoing bariatric surgery, the impact that this represents in their lives, the psychosocial complications and to offer some recommendations for a better psychological evolution of patients undergoing bariatric surgery. </p> <p> Bariatric surgery is a procedure that results in a complex network of emotional experiences. The main emotional experiences in the post-operative procedures are: social re-insertion, personal acceptance, risk of disillusion, recovery of self esteem, improvement in quality of life and body image. Body contouring following a significant weight loss can re-establish a good psychosocial functioning, but it must be stated with well-established criteria. Some practical considerations to deal with the operated patients are proposed.

Total Pages: 29-38 (10)

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