Chapter 10

Fumaric Acid Esters

Paula Dávila-Seijo


Fumaric Acid Esters (FAEs) have been used in north European countries for more than thirty years to treat moderate-severe psoriasis. In 1994 a defined mixture of FAEs was registered in Germany under the brand name of Fumaderm®. The main ingredient of this mixture is dimethylfumarate (DMF). This and its main metabolite, monomethylfumarate, have proven to possess potent immunomodulatory functions. Several studies have demonstrated the efficacy of FAEs therapy for chronic plaque type psoriasis, exanthematic guttate type, pustular type and psoriatic erythroderma. The most common adverse effects under FAEs therapy were gastrointestinal complains and flushing and no severe secondary effects have been described. By reason of that, FAEs therapy are now considered an effective and save treatment option on moderate or severe psoriasis patients.

Total Pages: 275-285 (11)

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