Chapter 6

Drag Reduction with Surfactants and Polymeric Additives in Multiphase Flow

Lixin Cheng, Lei Liu and Dieter Mewes


Addition of small amount of surfactants or polymeric additives may reduce the drag in multiphase flow systems. This chapter presents an overview on the available studies of drag reduction with surfactants and polymeric additives in multiphase flow including gas-liquid two-phase flow, liquid-liquid two-phase flow and gas-liquid-liquid three-phase flow. First, the research background of drag reduction technologies with additives is presented. Then, basic knowledge of drag reduction surfactants and polymeric additives is briefly described. Measured physical properties of surfactant and polymer solutions such as surface tension and viscosity are shown. Next, the drag reduction mechanisms of polymer and surfactant solutions are discussed. The, comprehensive review on the available studies on drag reduction with polymers and surfactants in multiphase flow is presented. The mechanisms are also reviewed. Based on the present review, future research needs are discussed and recommended.

Total Pages: 149-174 (26)

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