Chapter 3

From Risk Factors to Algorithms of Risk and Cardiovascular Risk Charts

S. Novo, G.R. Amoroso, F. Bonura, P. Carità, E. Corrado and G. Novo


The GCVR aims to stratify subjects without past history of CVD for their risk to develop CVE in the following ten years. The GCVR can be assessed through "risk charts” or electronic calculators that provide an individual score. The results indicate an absolute risk or a relative risk. Various countries use different systems in order to respect the different populations of reference. In particular, the Framingham equations have effectiveness in calculating CV risk in middle-aged Americans or Afro-American subjects. The "European charts" is a specific method for subjects belonging to "high risk" (the Northern Europe) or “low risk" (Mediterranean) European countries. Finally, the “Progetto Cuore” aims at estimating the risk in the Italian population. The Progetto Cuore’s equation is available for free on the website (

Total Pages: 22-28 (7)

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