Chapter 2

Risk Factors and Atherosclerotic Disease

S. Novo, G.R. Amoroso, F. Bonura, P. Carità, E. Corrado and G. Novo


In healthy subjects, the Risk Factors (RF) are conditions linked casually to atherosclerosis. They are related in a logarithmic way to the occurrence of CVE. The atherosclerotic RF can be divided into traditional and emerging. The traditional and “modifiable” RF include: dislipidemia, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, smoking, obesity, sedentary, stress, alcohol and diet. Diabetes mellitus is currently considered a “CHD equivalent”. The emerging RF (studied only for a few years) include: Metabolic Syndrome (MS) (that is characterized by the presence of various metabolic disorders at the same time in the same subject), biohumoral markers of systemic inflammation, microalbuminuria and LP (a).

Total Pages: 7-21 (15)

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