Chapter 7

A Vision of Quantum Gravity

Tim A. Koslowski


<p>In this article, I discuss my view of the problem of quantum gravity. I then explain two approaches to solving this problem: Loop quantum gravity and the asymptotic safety scenario, which tackle the problem from opposite ends. Loop quantum gravity tries to describe the fundamental building blocks of spacetime with the hope that the resulting theory may explain gravity as we know it. On the other hand the asymptotic safety scenario considers theories that are as close to gravity as a quantum theory could be and asks whether this setup satisfies the conditions of a fundamental theory. While loop quantum gravity is in a sense a bottom-up approach, the asymptotic safety scenario is a top-down approach to quantum gravity. I explain why the weaknesses of either approach are the strengths of the other, suggesting the main idea of this article; that a merging of both approaches should yield fundamental insight into the problem of quantum gravity. I discuss what the consequences of such a merging could be.</p>

Total Pages: 79-93 (15)

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