Chapter 9

Supramolecular Catalysis of Organic Reactions Involving Cyclodextrins

K. Rama Rao, Y. V.D. Nageswar, N. Srilakshmi Krishnaveni and K. Surendra


Supramolecular catalysis by cyclodextrins involving non-covalent inter molecular forces and host-guest complexation has been shown to result in high selectivities in a variety of organic reactions by the cyclodextrin molecular recognition ability and effective use of their hydroxyl groups and derivatives. Some of the applications of cyclodextrins discussed are: enzyme models, enzyme catalysed reactions, regioselective ring opening reactions, photo chemical reactions, oxidations, enantioselective reactions etc. Recent developments in the modification of cyclodextrins to attain good geometric control for accelerating the reactions has been highlighted.

Total Pages: 301-339 (39)

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