Chapter 4

Fast ML Decoding for OSTBC and QOSTBC Coded MIMO-OFDM Systems with Clipping

Zhefeng Li and Xiang-Gen Xia


<p>An efficient way to reduce the peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) in OFDM systems is clipping. After the clipping in an MIMO-OFDM system, the additive noise may not be white. In this chapter, we develop fast (single-symbol) maximum likelihood (ML) decoding algorithms for orthogonal space-time block codes (OSTBC) and (linearly transformed) quasi orthogonal space-time block codes (QOSTBC) in clipped MIMO-OFDM systems by using a clipping noise model with Gaussian approximation. By using the statistics of the clipping distortions, our newly developed fast ML decoding algorithms improve the performance for clipped MIMO-OFDM systems with OSTBC and QOSTBC while the decoding complexities are not increased. Simulation results are presented to illustrate the improvement.</p>

Total Pages: 132-162 (31)

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