Chapter 2

Expression Profiles of miRNAs in Heart and Vessel

Zhiguo Wang


To date, more than 5000 miRNAs have been identified in animals across the lowest and the highest species, some 800 of them are found in humans. To have better understanding of how miRNAs function in the heart, it is necessary to have an idea about which miRNAs exist in the heart. This chapter focuses on cardiovascular-expressed miRNAs or the miRNA profiles in heart and vessel. Specifically, the miRNAs existing in the heart will be introduced by categories: cardiac-specific, muscle-specific, cardiac-enriched, and other cardiac-expressed, in detail on their genomic locations and relative expression levels in normal cardiac tissues. Alterations of miRNA signature under various diseased states of the heart are succinctly described and the precautions in interpreting the profiling data are stated

Total Pages: 21-26 (6)

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