Chapter 6

Drug Delivery Systems for Diseases of the Back of the Eye

Ashish Thakur and Uday B. Kompella


Drug delivery to the back of the eye currently relies largely on localized drug delivery systems. These systems provide high drug concentrations at the target sites and low concentrations in the systemic circulation, thereby improving the risk: benefit ratio of the therapeutic agent. Since localized drug delivery requires either a surgical procedure or an injection in or around the eye, drug delivery systems developed for the back of the eye are either self-sustaining or slow release systems. In this chapter, various drug delivery systems including non-degradable implants, biodegradable implants, encapsulated cell technology based implants, microparticles, nanoparticles, liposomes, micelles and hydrogels suitable for localized drug delivery to the back of the eye are discussed. Further, iontophoretic approaches are also briefly addressed.

Total Pages: 114-139 (26)

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