Chapter 28

Recent Patents on Therapeutic Agents for Cancer

Xun Li, Yalin Li and Wenfang Xu


<p>Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases with a complex pathogenesis, which threats human life greatly. Multidisciplinary scientific investigations are making best efforts to combat this disease and put to the identification of novel anticancer agents. Patent anticancer agents registered in China are therefore increasing dramatically during the past ten years, which will be reviewed briefly in this article.</p> <p>I. Platinum complexes</p> <p>II. Anthracycline analogs (including doxorubicin derivatives)</p> <p>III. Quinoline analogs</p> <p>IV. Podophyllotoxins analogs</p> <p>V. Taxane analogs</p>

Total Pages: 623-740 (118)

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