Chapter 15

Onconutrition: Redox Chemoprevention by Functional Biomolecules and Biomarker Assessment

María D. Defagó and Elio A. Soria


Cancer, a leading cause of death, can be prevented by different nutrients, in accordance to epidemiological and experimental data. Cancer chemoprevention might involve different dietary substances, which can counteract genetic damage and modulate the acquisition of a neoplastic phenotype. Critical to this process is redox cellular homeostasis, with antioxidants and essential biomolecules being the most promising functional compounds of the diet. Nutritional interventions require accurate biomarkers in order to evaluate their appropriateness. Such parameters may be biological targets involved in the oncogenetic process, and biochemical changes deriving from the organic response to tumors, which can be considered as endpoints of dietary interventions. This chapter reviews the patents on recent progress in the development of redox-related anticancer nutritional interventions involving lipophilic compounds, and of scientificbased biological markers for evaluating them.

Total Pages: 522-552 (31)

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