Chapter 7

Other Congenital Cardiac Lesions

Wael AlJaroudi, Steve Lloyd, Ami E. Iskandrian and Joel McLarry


Ebstein’s anomaly is an abnorma lity of the tricuspid valve in which there is a failure of delamination, resulting in tethering of septal and posterior leaflets, apical displacement of the functional annulus and atrialization of the RV. TTE complemented by 3DE is used to diagnose and evaluate for surgical repair. Several congenital heart defects also concomitantly have anomalous origin of their coronary arteries. Some anomalous coronaries, such as an anomalous coronary arising from the opposite sinus, are associated with sudden cardiac death, making their detection imperative. TTE often fails to visualize the coronary arteries. TEE has increased sensitivity, but MRI and MR and CT angiography is the standard to detect anomalous coronaries and elucidate their course.

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