Chapter 4

Dealing with Traffic Information and User Profiles a Semantic Approach Based On Datex II

David Torres Garrigos, Jose Javier Samper Zapater and Juan Jose Martinez Dura


The application of Information Technology to the traffic domain, the intelligent transportation systems or ITS, has led to a substantial improvement in the management of traffic information in recent decades. Most efforts on the ITS domain have been focused on building models for knowledge representation of traffic information for the management and subsequent exploitation. DATEX (DATa EXchange) systems bring an effective method for exchanging information between heterogeneous systems. However, their designs do not facilitate the use of information, providing efficient but a too basic description of the data represented. </p> <p> The new proposal presented in this paper intends to adapt the DATEX II exchange and data models to an approach based on the Semantic Web, opening the door to new intelligent applications for the management of traffic information. For that purpose, traffic ontology has been built, taking DATEX II data model as the basis of semantic definitions and taxonomies. Moreover, this new model is integrated within an information publishing platform based on semantic user profiles, which aims to ensure that all users get a personalized view of information from the traffic source, improving the user experience and the overall system efficiency. </p> <p> The systems built are constituted as a solid foundation for the development of new intelligent applications to deal with traffic information, allowing new multimodal interfaces to provide users with updated information that improves safety on the road.

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