Chapter 15

Demonstration of Resonance Effect by Bragg's Law

Cong Qiuzi, Yu Xiang and He Li


INSPIRATION FROM X-RAY DIFFRACTOMETRY </p> <p> XRD is a basic scientific tool capable of supplying research workers with fundamental data and information unattainable by other techniques. The complete cognition of potentialities, however, requires an elementary knowledge of crystallography and X-ray science. As mentioned in this book, people who carry out certain routine applications of X-ray diffraction demand a little familiarity with this field, but most workers need to have a deeper knowledge on theory for both theoretical and applied research. The purpose of this section is to review and develop some ideas to understand the concepts of interaction of light/EM waves and matter in XRD. Yet another and even more powerful approach is provided by EM-field theory.....

Total Pages: 139-149 (11)

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