Chapter 12

Evaluation of Instrument Broadening

Cong Qiuzi, Yu Xiang and He Li


INTRODUCTION </p> <p> Continuing discussions on the topic of small-size and strain-broadenings, this chapter deals with the extraneous broadening due to instrument-geometrical effects. The newly developed model is of particular importance in the size and/or strain determinations, not only because it extensively meets the 2D X-ray diffraction techniques in many types of X-ray analysis, but also because it has the superiority over other existing methods for the measurement of diffraction profiles. The present series studies have greatly improved the precision of the determination of line breadth. </p> <p> In order to discuss the extraneous broadening arisen from instrument geometry effects, we would like to outline briefly the basic principle on which the broadening is based and to give the formation of an actual profile by intensity data observed.....

Total Pages: 112-117 (6)

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