Chapter 4

Calculation of Mitigating Magnetic Field

A.R. Memari


A numerical illustration has been set up to demonstrate the applicability of the developed equations to calculate the mitigating magnetic field. A point in the space having a coordinate of (9, 1) has been selected as the point of consideration. </p> <p> The total flux induced by the three phases of the transmission line is calculated, from which the mitigating loop voltage is achieved. In order to achieve our attempt of establishing a hundred percent cancellation of the magnetic field, optimal value of the loop impedance is determined. </p> <p> Variation of unmitigated magnetic field over one complete cycle in depicted and simultaneous variation of unmitigated magnetic field and mitigated magnetic field is also shown. </p> <p> The influence of the mitigating magnetic field produced by the loop on the other locations is also investigated and the results are tabulated. Effect of angular frequency on producing magnetic field at other location is studied.

Total Pages: 26-32 (7)

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