Chapter 6

Phytotherapy of Hypertension in Morocco

Mohamed Eddouks and Naoufel Ali Zeggwagh


There is an increasing interest in the health and wellness benefits of herbs and botanicals. The reason behind this interest is the fact that herbs and botanicals might offer a natural safeguard against the development of certain pathological conditions and are used in several cultures as a putative treatment for some diseases. One such area may be the lowering of blood pressure activity. Ethnopharmacological surveys in Morocco demonstrated the use of 21 plant species belonging to different families in the treatment of ailments related to high blood pressure. Our bibliographic review establishes the fact that most plants used in the traditional treatment of hypertension effectively reduce blood pressure when used with different extraction procedures and protocols. In most cases, the hypotensive effect is accompanied by a diuretic activity or a vasorelaxant effect. This study confirms the richness of our traditional medicine and supports the use of plants in the treatment of hypertension in Morocco.

Total Pages: 193-233 (41)

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